That elusive metal

This Dec I was fortunate to spend three weeks in South Florida with my family. We travelled and explored the Disney parks in Orlando right down to Key West. Miami……oh boy, Miami was a one of the highlights of the trip with those white beaches full of international tourists wearing all there gold jewellery. We spent a few nights there including new year. This place does not sleep, nor do the beach hunters.
Unfortunately I could not take my CTX3030 with due to space constraints. (not happy at all) I made a point of looking for folks swinging detectors, and I found them, LOTS of them. Whole families, Grannies, little kids, moms and dads. If you think you have competition is SA, think again. Florida has plenty folk detecting the beaches. The competition is fierce.
I started this hobby years ago and thought I knew a thing or two about detecting beaches. That was until I started following a very successful Miami South beach hunter named Gary Drayton. I have read all his books on beach hunting and follow his feeds via his web site. This guy gets the gold right under his completions noses. The gold is there, one just needs to know how to find it. I have applied what I have learnt drawing from his methods and my finds are getting better month by month. From studying my completion to beach reading, it’s all getting better day by day. Don’t get me wrong, it takes serious work and dedication to find the gold, you just gotta put your coil over it at the right time.
I was not too happy about missing New Year and those plump beaches in SA. Knowing my local spots would be bearing new and old gold for the taking. I only got back to SA on the 14th of Jan with the thought of clean beaches. This was not the case. I have healthy competition in the form of daily hunters hitting the local spots with Excalibur’s, leaving nothing behind. Here is where my “out of the box” hunting came into play and paid with gold. I have found five gold rings, one gold coin, one gold cross and one white gold chain. Not to mention silver earrings and loads of coins and costume jewellery. None of the above finds were in water, just wet sand. All this was found in less than a month.
Our beaches are loaded with goodies and there is enough for all. If you are dedicated and can read the beach you will find, its just a matter of time. I don’t care for competition; it just makes me work harder. Get to know who and what you are up against, look and listen to the talk. You will be amazed at what you will learn and use to your advantage.
Remember to fill your holes and don’t detect to close to the sunbathers, its rude and bad form.
Happy hunting!!
By: Henry Clapton
Jan 2014

November 19th, 2015

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