TEKNETICS G2+ Beach Review

It’s been some time since I held a G2 in my hands, at least two years now. When I learnt that Teknetics had upgraded the G2 making it even more attractive it made me think.
I discussed the new machines upgrades with Wolfgang Roux and I was sold. Having previous experience with this mid rage hobby detector was an advantage. I was quite aware of its capabilities as a beach hunter, not to mention its main function, Gold Nugget hunting.
When my G2+ arrived I was quite excited to open the box and check out its new look. I purchased the brown / green como unit. It was quite a change from the original look. I had to get used to its new skin. It may not be some people’s cup of tea but I kinda like it. I believe that Teknetics will revert back to the original look soon. This new look is not permanent as it’s a limited edition.
Assembly is pretty straight forward. My biggest concern was build quality. Teknetics have done a great job in this department now. The machine is well balanced at full extension and the shaft locks work really well. The machine just feels good in your hand. The grip is super comfortable and well placed on the upper shaft.
The upgrades are subtle but useful. The machine comes supplied with Teknetics earphones now. I am a great believer in full cover earphones. The supplied units work well and have their own volume controls. I did however find the plastic ear cup a little small as it sits on the ear and not over the ear. One may think of upgrading these at a later stage. The multi headphone jack has been eliminated and the unit comes with one large headphone jack with a nice rubber cover to protect against sand etc.
Teknetics have incorporated a backlight for the screen now. It has 5 settings and is a welcome addition. The menu has also been upgraded and is super easy to navigate. The unit has a few additional features including a V-Break function. I found this most interesting and easy to adjust on the fly. All the above features are neatly explained in the user manual which has a simple but effective layout.
My air tests at home were positive as expected, even though the unit was falsing due to electrical interference. This machine is super sensitive to these external power sources. The processor is tip top and recovery time was good. I could not wait to get it down to the water’s edge in open air.
On arrival at the beach I booted the unit up and immediately it started screaming at me. I did a ground balance in the wet sand and got a super .0 balance!! The G2 was dead silent in discrimination mode. Not even a beep. My gain (sensitivity) was at 80%. That’s nice I thought, let’s bump it up and get this unit running hot. I pushed the gain to 100% and started swinging.
I chose a beach that I know had been hunted the day before, making for a challenging situation. I wanted this G2 to work hard. I was not surprised at its performance, I expected it to take care of business and it did in true G2 style. Running the sensitivity at 100% will get false signals when you bump the coil, I don’t mind that. I just focused on target response and depth. The display is super clear and easy to read. I found the Signal indicator a great tool for those iffy deep signals. Every one of those signals dug produced a goodie.
I ran the unit in 0 discrimination to get a feel for its response to iron and the like. After a while this was adjusted according to my location on the beach. The water hunting did nothing to interfere with its capabilities. I was in knee deep water having a blast pulling targets all over the place. I moved up the slope and played with its discrimination, Notch and V-Break functions. The G2 was in its element delivering the goods every time.
The tone variations are vast and one would need to spend some time behind the controls getting to know all its secrets. I love a machine that has so much to offer in the form of target feedback. Be that as it may, one can literally turn on, balance and hunt. It’s so simple. On the other hand I am of the opinion that the user has to put in some serious hours behind this unit. Then nothing will escape its clutches. Learning the tones and tone breaks would be crucial. It has much to offer.
I even went as far as switching to all metal mode. I got a good ground balance of .3 and gave it a go. Wow, this machine went nuts. It’s just too powerful in that mode. I reduced the gain to 80% and we were in business. It’s a totally different animal when used in this state. I can see how the prospectors find gold with it. I soon went back to discriminate mode wanting to learn more of its tone secrets.
Depth was not an issue at all. The G2 pulled targets at three scoops down with ease. The discrimination settings are a great asset on the beach with all the junk about nowadays. Once you know what to listen for you will be on the money every time.
Overall this machine scored a big thumbs up in my book. Value for money is a huge plus factor and I would rate it as a mid to upper lever detector.

November 19th, 2015

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