Raptor Scoop Handles


Raptor handles are durable, incredibly strong Thermoplastic additions to your existing scoop pole. The Raptor Guide and Pull handles come with all the needed hardware for fitment. The handles will fit practically any pole used with sand scoops due to the extra long bolts and curved brackets.

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  • Helps keep your scoop from twisting when digging in hardpan (areas with rocks or lots of shells)
  • Gives you a better angle when pushing your scoop into the sand/rocks
  • Helps while wading when there is zero visibility; easier to guide your scoop in the right direction
  • Ultra light – 300 grams

PULL HANDLE SPECIFICATIONS: (currently out of stock)

  • Helps when digging out those deep targets where your whole scoop is in the wet sand
  • Gives you the proper leverage for lifting; much easier than pulling on a straight sand scoop pole
  • With a non-slip grip, shaking the scoop while wading is easy
  • Ultra light – 200 grams


Cost – R 325.00 each excluding shipping. SCOOP NOT INCLUDED.