A Treasure Hunter’s Tale


This new exciting beach metal detecting book is a must for beginners and seasoned hunters alike. Henry has revealed all his secrets and beach hunting tips to help all treasure hunters master the ever changing beach environment. From basics to hunting smart, this book covers it all in an easy light hearted reading style. A Treasure Hunter’s Tale will leave the reader with a new and fresh outlook on beach hunting. A must for any detectorist in today’s competitive hunting environment.

Local Pricing (South Africa) – R 350.00 per copy. Shipping – SAPO R 60.00 or Postnet to Postnet.  R 110.00

International $28.00  plus  $13.00 shipping

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Book Reviews


Henry is leaving some inspirational footprints in the sand for beach and water hunters to follow.

Gary Drayton


A successful treasure hunter and businessman, Henry Clapton tells how he took a hobby and turned it into a living science with financial rewards. Through stories, self-reflection  and dozens of practical tips,he reveals secrets that will let anyone that is looking for that elusive gold treasure work out where to find it.

Your beach is your future but only if you learn how to conquer the sand and surf. If you are a treasure hunter that wants to succeed but doesn’t know how, this book is for you.

Alan Wright


Wow , enthusiasm , adventures , challenge , experience , inspiring , family friendly and unfamiliar hunting.

Professional treasure-hunter, Henry Clapton, has produced the ultimate book on beach treasure hunting. Great work, I wish this book had been around 30 years ago!

“The General”   Lukas van der Merwe