KZN Trip

I had just spent a long weekend on the KZN south coast with great expectations of good finds. This was not the case. The Margate and surrounding beaches were sanded in and it took forever to find something worthwhile. After six hunts (4 night hunts to avoid the holiday makers) I did manage to retrieve some gold and silver with a handful of coins and other junk. A nice huge Silver ring (fresh drop) popped out at Margate. I refused to give up and on the last day I worked Uvongo beach. It’s a vast stretch of sand and I managed to find a small pocket. Two and a half gold rings made their appearance. One is 18ct with a diamond. This hunt was just a matter of having patience and going low and slow. The gold rings were all far apart from each other. The crucial thing to remember is to grid your area. Drag your scoop or something that clearly indicates where you have hunted, making sure you are always on fresh ground.

By Henry Clapton
Easter 2014

November 19th, 2015

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