Cherry Picking when it’s good.

It pays to learn how your local beaches can change in a matter of one good tide and strong waves. I ventured down to my local beach and noticed a subtle change in the sand. The colour had changed from yellow to a dark brown in some places. This was a clear indication of sand removal. My CTX with its 17” coil went to work. There were hundreds of coins and the signals were overwhelming. I had to make an educated decision regarding my plan of action. Dig all the coins and Gold signals or concentrate on the Gold zone items only. Gold zone won the bet. With limited time on a good site it pays to ignore the coins as they take up valuable digging time. I was eventually forced up the beach by the tide. This hunt brought in 13.5 rings. Four gold rings and two silver chains. I would never have found all these goodies if I had dug the coins. The most interesting item was the baby gold ring with a Synthetic Emerald. Hint: always dig a few coins. By doing that you can determine how old they are. I love pulling out the old green coins, this shows that I’m in a deep old zone and the gold will follow. Lots of hunters hate these coins as they are of no use and skip or move fast through the area…. Big mistake!
By Henry Clapton

November 19th, 2015

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